Break calendars

Break calendars inspire you to move and take breaks throughout the day. The calendars include six different exercise challenges for each day of the study week. Students can perform the moves at their own pace, take pictures or challenge each other. Break calendars are a great tool for distance education.

The teacher can give feedback on or take note of good performances and for example collect photos and videos of the challenges to OneDrive. They can also ask their students to send the photos via Snapchat or WhatsApp, for example. At the end of the day or week, the group can talk about how well they did in taking breaks.

Here’s how to use the calendar:

  • You can use the calendar on this website or open it on the ThingLink site by clicking on the ThingLink logo on the bottom right corner of the calendar.
  • You can share the calendar by opening it on the ThingLink site and copying the address.
  • Each weekday is followed by a + sign; click on that, and you’ll see the theme of the week.
  • Each weekday contains six breaks, which you can open by clicking on the + sign.

Break calendar 1

Break calendar 2

In cooperation

The break calendars have been created in cooperation with Terve urheilija and Terve koululainen projects.

Päivitetty: 22.6.2023