Physical Activity Recommendation for Adults

The physical activity recommendation for adults introduces the amount and type of physical activity beneficial for the health of adults aged 18–64 years. It also gives advice on how to increase physical activity in everyday life.

Picture 2. Weekly physical activity recommendation for 18–64-year-olds.

The advice of the physical activity recommendation for adults

  • Improve your endurance by exercising several days a week at least 2 h 30 min brisk OR 1 h 15 min strenuously. Combining these is also possible.
  • Train your muscles and movement control at least twice a week.
  • Exercise as many days as possible, at least three times a week.
  • Move lightly as often as possible.
  • Take breaks to sedentary behaviour whenever possible.
  • Sleep sufficiently.

The health benefits increase when you exercise longer or more strenuously than recommended in the physical activity recommendation. Already a few minutes of physical activity count as moments of movement.

During a brisk physical activity you feel slight shortness of breath (you can still speak). During a strenuous physical activity you feel pronounced shortness of breath (it is difficult to speak due to shortness of breath).

Assess activity -application for adults over 18 years

The UKK Institute’s online application on physical activity recommendations helps to assess whether your habits meet the physical activity recommendation. By using the app you can also find out if you sleep enough and how active your everyday life is.


More information about the physical activity recommendations can be found on the UKK Institute’s web page:

The Weekly Physical Activity Recommendation for 18–64-year-olds