Professional of well-being test

Are you a professional of well-being?

Take the attached test to see how well you know which factors affect your well-being. The test provides feedback on your strengths and development areas concerning well-being. Once you’ve taken the test, you can choose Smart Moves’ well-being programmes to increase your personal well-being. You can also take a look at the Vocational Professional’s Work Capacity Certificate and complete the assignment cards found on the website, or you can download the mobile application to you phone.

Take the test

Based on the development areas, you can now choose well-being programmes and assignments that will benefit you for example among these options:

The Professional of Well-Being test has been developed by the Smart Moves project together with SAKU ry. Thank you also to Ehyt ry and MIELI Mental Health Finland for their help in drafting the questions!

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Päivitetty: 28.5.2024